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Andrew Crane, born in London in 1949, he studied graphics at the Central School of Art. It was here that he developed his love for letterforms and numerals and the power of the written word. A self-taught painter, he will often use cement as a medium in his abstracts.
“Invariably, the starting point for me, contains no preconception. The cement is applied …’imperfections’ appear and vanish …appear again some other place. a line occurs, a shape, a number, a stray blob drips from the trowel …gradually there is form in the mix. I find the medium forces me into the moment, I am not thinking about anything else, it really focuses the attention”.
Andrew Crane’s work is held in public and private collections worldwide. Through Gallery 151, Andrew has quickly developed a strong and loyal following in Belgium. We greatly admire his work, and value his friendship.