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Past Exhibition

Damien Moreau

IT'S LIKE A DREAM. YOU CAN'T ESCAPE][OCT 09, 2014 – NOV 27, 2014



Damien Moreau is a Belgian sculptor from Brussels, he crafts monumental sculptures from steel which surround space. In his new work Damien Moreau has found a way of working that brings to the fore the notions of what sculpture can be. He has moved away from more academic notions of sculpture to something altogether more illusive, more poetic, more dreamlike. Damien is a friend and I have seen how this new work has taken a hold of him. He does not like to talk about his work or to see words ascribed to what he considers ‘philosophy without words’ but I have words to say about this new work.
These new works by Damien are lines is space but they are also solids in space. They contain a paradox. The line made solid and the solid made a line. But there is more. These pieces have so many qualities of drawing about them. The shapes, the arcs, the almost meeting surfaces remain fresh and not over-contrived. They have that spontaneity of drawing as if the metal has been gently moved by the hand, caressed into being like a soft line on paper.