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151][GALLERY is delighted to be exhibiting a collection of some of the recent work of this well known Italian artist who lives and works here in Brussels. The work on display in the gallery is a small selection of his recent work and focuses on his recent abstract works. The images presented reflect the artists passionate nature and are laced with a strong emotional spectrum from a sense of deep calm to passionate agitation.

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Dino Chatila, born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. Italian nationality. Works and lives in Brussels, Belgium.
Recent exhibitions
2016 – 17
09/11/2016 – 25/02/2017 | Galerie Pascal Polar, 108 Ch. De Charleroi, 1060 Bruxelles
Januari-May | Gallery 151, Brussels, Belgium
06/02/2015 – 09/02/2015 | Afordable Art Fair, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, BELGIUM
April | Oran, ALGERIA
July – Augustus | Gallery « Balastra » in Balâtre, Belgium
December – January | Gallery 151, Brussels, Belgium
July | Gallery « Balastra » in Balâtre, Belgium
August | Art Nocturne, in Knokke, Belgium
November | Artists’ trail in the framework of « St Martin feast » in Tourinnes-la-Grosse, Belgium
Expo ART-GENT, Ghent, Belgium