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Ian Talbot is an artist and photographer. He lives and works in London, UK.
“What fascinates me most is how the world, and the things in it, can look as a photograph. For me that was always the magic of photography, the mystery that first drew me to the medium.
Most of the colour photography I have seen records reality too faithfully and shows me only what I already know. It is mere information. I am not concerned with documenting the world; I leave that to others. Documentary is what it is and art is something other and rarely do the twain meet. I have, therefore, little interest in recording the world as it is. Accordingly, until fairly recently, I had worked almost exclusively in monochrome. Lately, however, ignoring the “fact” of colour has seemed an increasingly unsustainable affectation, especially in our brave new digital age. As, perhaps, for different reasons so does so called “straight” photography – whatever that may be. Nevertheless, we are where we are, and my newer work thus represents a “loosening up”, a greater willingness to experiment.
So be it… it will lead me where it will.”